Tips To Hosting A Party In A Small Space

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Some of us love living in small and cozy places for one or two people. It doesn’t bother us until we decide to have party at a small apartment. It can look tough at the beginning, especially if you have a big family or if you’re really good at socializing then you will have a list of friends that you would want to invite. You don’t want to go the other option of hosting the party at another venue as that would be costly and exceed your budget. Well, if there’s a will there’s definitely a way. Read on to find out how you can host an amazing party at your small living space

Tone down the decorations

Every party will definitely have decorations and in your small living space, it’s always better to keep the decoration to a minimum. The more decorations you have, the more cramped the space will look. Choose colors that are light to make it look spacious and don’t have too many balloons and banners. Focus your decorations on angles and furniture’s. For an instance, placing fairy light over the fireplace will make your party look glamorous. You can even keep your gifts around as a part of the decorations. Placing your 21st birthday invitations or gifts on a table will reduce the effort to add more decorations and also to hunt down a place to keep your gifts.

Keep the place cool and open

Remember that having guests at your small apartment will make the surrounding heated up. Open the rooms for you guests to move about and keep the air con switched on at all time. Make your guests feel comfortable that they can use up the bedrooms for a quiet conversation or to refresh themselves. Clean and de clutter the non-essential items lying around the house. You can hold some of the items in the attic or a cupboard temporarily until the party is off.

Every space matters

Use the kitchen counter tops, the couch, the coffee table and even the floor space. Yes, you can place a mat and pillows for your guests to kick off the shoes and make themselves comfortable at your party. In your small space, every surface matters. So, maximize the space that you have at home to have a good party.

Avoid traffic

There will be instances where there will be crowding. For an instance, when meals are being served the guests will tend to hover around in one space causing long queues. One way you can prevent this is to spread out the meals and drinks in different places. Have your dessert, drinks and appetizers served in different places like one at the kitchen counter top or the dining table, or the coffee table. This will help you to manage overcrowding effectively.

Have extra seating

You can never go wrong with extra seating in your party. You would have mentioned in the best 16 birthday invites for a plus one or to bring a friend and this can help you cover up the lack of seats available at home. People tend to move around and not stick to one place when it comes to a party. Extra seating’s will help you in this kind of a situation.

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